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Fully-Automatic L Type Shrink Wrapping Machine

    Automatic L-shaped shrink packaging machine is equipped with imported photoelectric detecting device in both horizontal and vertical side. This design makes it easy to shift from one side to the other. It also benefits the sealing and packaging for small and thin products. This machine is directly connected with the production line and truly realizes the unmanned operation. This big advantage makes it widely used for volume production in many fields, including software, food, cosmetics, printing, pharmaceutical industry. Its packaging speed can be as fast as 30-50 packs/min.

    Its sealing blade is made of DuPont PTFE blade, anti-adherent and high temperature resistant. This machine prevents your products from cracking, coking and smoking in the packaging process. What's more, it’s environment friendly.

  • OMRON digital temperature controller has a special function as PID adjustment, ensuring the exact and accurate temperature of sealing blade.

  • Automatic film feeding device, film guide system with manual adjustment, and adjustable feed conveyor are suitable for products of different width and height. Its adhesion function is especially designed for the packaging of small products.

    The temperature of its shrink furnace is usually between 120-150℃.

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