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    When it comes to shopping or buying, besides quality, the package of goods also attracts customers’ eyes. Packaging machines are the ideal machine for offering you an elegant and dedicate package. If you are looking for a high quality various packaging machines, just go to QCPACK, we have built an advanced and modern production facility of over 10,000 ㎡. We have been dedicated to manufacturing high quality packaging machines for 13 years. Our company was established in 2002, located in Xujing Industrial Zone of Shanghai. Our main products include shrink packaging machinery, cellophane packaging machines, cartoning machines, carton sealing machines and a variety of other packaging machines.

Department of foreign trade

    Our products also find a huge market in foreign countries and our exports have topped 10 million dollars this year. Our employees are pretty skilled and professional. All of them have at least 10 years of foreign trade experience and fluent in English. Well known for the high quality, our products are exported to Europe, American, Southeast Asia, Russia, Egypt, Russia and many other countries and regions.

    Our employees are very responsible and industrious, they even discuss about work at tea time. They are ambitious to learn and make contribution to company.

Department of foreign trade

    We strongly believe cutting edge technology plays a big role in high quality machine. That’s why our technical employees all possess over ten years of mechanical design experience, with senior engineers as our core design team. We provide high quality packaging machines and automatic packaging production line. We have technical exports in the whole production process, from manufacturing planning to de-bugging test, from maintenance to technical upgrade, from one single product defect to a comprehensive check.

    Our designers are using a software Solidworks to make some improvement and adjustment to the cellophane overwrapping machines.

    Three technical employees are having a heated discussion about the design of our new product.


    Thanks to the dedication and hard-work of our employees, our products have gained a number of invention patents.

    Every week, our foreign trade personnel meet together to discuss about the main questions posed by our buyers and how to resolve these questions. By doing this, we can have a further understanding of what the buyers actually need and how to make our communication more effective.

    Russian clients are visiting our company and showing great interests in our packaging machines. One employee is introducing the function and performance to them.

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