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Machining Workshop

    QCPACK is equipped with an advanced and modern manufacturing workshop of over 2,500 ㎡. We highly value experience and that’s why our technical workers all have more than 10 years of industry experience. We have a wide array of machining equipment, including CNC lathes of each type, milling machines, drilling machines and 20 other units of processing equipment.

    Here is a horizontal surface grinder, mainly dealing with the process of surface-flat workpiece, the surface finish is required to be 0.02-0.04μm.

    We have four vertical milling machines responsible for the process of flat surface, U-shaped groove and key groove. We pay attention to the machining precision, which is as precious as 0.01-0.03mm.

    In our machining workshop, there are four CNC lathes processing workpieces of shaft, rotary and disc type. The whole process is digital control, remarkably saving our labor forces and improving the efficiency. Its precision is 0.005-0.01mm.

    Here you can see our saw machines and vertical drilling machines, drilling on some small pieces.

    One skilled worker is using the hydraulic plate bending machine to bend a piece of material, the maximum width up to 3,200mm.

    Hydraulic swing beam shears meet any process requirement of machines, its maximum shearing thickness up to 6mm and shearing width 3,200mm.

  • We adopt carbon dioxide and argon arc welding for the material welding. Such melding methods keep the materials from being oxidized or corroded.

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