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Cellophane Overwrapping Machine

    One outstanding feature of this machine is that, in the process of changing modes, there is no need to adjust the height of platform, to set the feed chain or hopper. It vastly cuts the mode changing time from four hours to 30 minutes, greatly saving production time. It is widely used for the cellophane packaging of products, such as medicine, healthcare medicine, food and stationary. This machine can pack 40-80units/min.

  • Here is the automatic feed hopper, saving a lot of labor cost.

  • Film cutting device adjusts the cutting length of different products.

  • This unique unidirectional device keeps the machine from reverse swinging. What's more, its hand wheel will not move while operating, ensuring the safety of operators.

  • Sealing device is responsible for the sealing of packaging film.

    Side sealing device focuses on the folded angle sealing of the packing box.

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